34 thoughts on “Yhteiskunta koostuu ihmisist

  1. Astuga

    Hm, I certanly don`t share all your points of view or like some of your language used.

    Nevertheless without any doubt you have a right to speak out!
    And your case may be used as an example by the finnish or other “eurocrats” for executing laws that prohibit raising subjects that may insult religious or other nuts – all in the name of political correctnes.

    The justice systems of Europe should instead do more against people that cry for the beheading of infidels in public and not send policeunits to protect them from any possible harm.

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  2. USpace

    Stay safe! Controversial speech should be debated, disproved where possible and ridiculed, but not outlawed…
    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    man may not cite public facts

    that embarrass the state
    criticize their agenda

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