13 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech rests buried under the robes of the Religion of Peace

  1. Beach Girl

    Forgive me if I have misspoken. I cannot translate the comments but we stand with Mikko and with all in Finland who are working to maintain your freedom of speech. We do look to you as leaders; we know that if you fall and if Australia falls, we will be not far behind.

    For me, it is not “hate speech”, I do not wish any violence against anyone like that which is carried out in Denmark against those who speak out against the encroachment of Islamic Law. We have a duty for as long as we can to speak the truth. In America, we have freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. It is my understanding that in Islam the state is the church and the church is the state. Anyone who believes the President of Iran is in charge of Iran, raise your hands.

    I have no idea what your comments are but I and many of my friends stand with you as best as we can. Our freedoms are too dear and have been won at tremendous personal loss.

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  2. USpace

    Good post, we must keep spreading the word. This fascist Finnish dictator-in-training must be continually exposed. I wonder how he would react if his daughter or wife was gang-raped by some Muslim Immigrants.


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