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  1. Beach Girl

    If anyone can tell me where this post is translated, please let me know. Mikko, I have just posted an open dialogue at To Mikko Ellila – Freedom of Speech vs. Free Speech and Hate Speech.

    I have been unable to post for a few days. This is a discussion we need to have and, if we can help each other defend against those who work to deny us the Freedom of Speech, we will all be better off. In the USA, we have libel and slander laws to address grievances. Those who wish to “legislate” to stifle “freedom of speech” are on thin ice because they are going around existing slander/libel laws. In Mikko’s case, what I have read that he said is neither slander or libelous – if either, then the Ministry of Justice should sue Mikko for distortion of their data which he did not do; Islamists should sue him for misrepresenting Qur’anic law and teachings which he did not do.


    Mikko – forgive the “link whoring” as we call it in the USA but I thought your friends would like to see the post. Not as good as my first one but a good place to start discussion. You see, to me, it is all a matter of perspective with consequences. One aspect of the perspective is hubris, arrogance, and the desire for absolute power.

    It is unconscionable that the Ministry of Justice would not inform the citizens of the real threat of crime that their own data supports. Even our State Department has issued warnings that they cannot keep American citizens safe along our own border with Mexico. Burns me up but at least this way if we go to our Southern border and get killed by drug cartel members, we can’t sue the federal government. With the Ministry of Justice data that you published, it seems like you did a public service for everyone including the women and children immigrants who are subject to increased crime at the hands of the criminal perpetrators as well.

    It seems that the Ministry of Justice has a responsibility to warn citizens of all “ethnic” groups of the type of crime and the vicinity of such crimes. It is much like the case in the USA a few years back when a gang was using youth, minors, to rob and kill tourists – some from Germany. It was announced all over the world. But at the same time, the officials were going after the criminals in a big way.

    Maybe some bloggers there could be shouting for the Ministry of Justice to publish the data and to warn citizens of the areas where most of the crimes are occurring – that would be the responsible thing for the government to do. Right?

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  2. Beach Girl

    By the way, this is not agitating “racism” – it is telling the truth. See the Arizona Department data/statistics of the Sex Offenders Registry linked in my post. Most of the men are identified as “white” with a “w”. So, they are “w” for the Sex Offenders Registry and Hispanic for census data, and I’m a non-Hispanic white for census data. Pretty soon none of the data credible.

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