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  1. Beach Girl

    Mikko, hope you get this. Thought you would like to see this from Sir Henry Morgan, Murder rates in Britain. The actual title is the first sentence, Apologies for my absence…

    Also, please send me the link to your post on Somali crime rates/crimes stats in Finnland. Thank you. As I have said in one post, on your comment, Biology is destiny. I say you are right – there are always exceptions and generalities are never without their cases that disprove them.

    The best, Beach Girl

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  2. Mikko Ellil

    Thank you for your comments. The posts in question are in Finnish, and I don’t know whether you would like me to translate the relevant parts of my own posts, or whether you would prefer direct links to the original crime statistics.

    I have dealt with immigrant crime rates in numerous posts, so I’m not sure which particular posts you had in mind.

    In this post I demonstrate, by quoting statistics published by the Ministry of Justice, that immigrants commit 20 times more acts of rape per capita than the Finns do:

    In this post I point out that the Somalis commit over 100 times more robberies per capita than the Finns do, again by quoting official crime statistics:

    There are also a few other posts that deal with these issues. Let me know if you’re interested.

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