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Puumalainen update

Latest update Friday May 11, 14.45 hrs Finnish time

(this post is getting very long, but I don’t want to make a new post every time some new information concerning Puumalainen’s Orwellian campaign against free speech comes up)

Short version:

Finnish government bureaucrat Mikko Puumalainen want to establish a Chinese-style governmental firewall on the internet to prevent all 5,000,000(five million) people in Finland from reading websites that“strive tomaintain an anti-immigrant political climate” by e.g.publishing facts such as official statistics on crime rates.

Long version:

This is a bilingual post about Mikko Puumalainen, Finland’s Ombudsman for Minorities Thought Police who told the Central Criminal Police (Keskusrikospoliisi, the Finnish equivalent of the FBI) to interrogate me (the interrogation was later delegated to the municipal police department) for having committed the thoughtcrime of e.g. quoting crime statistics published by Finland’s Ministry of Justice which prove that African immigrants commit more crimes per capita than the Finns do.

Mikko Puumalainen

Mr. Puumalainen, tel: +358-50-3960140, email:

It has been reported to me that Puumalainen said in a government press releasein Aprilthat “racism” on the internet should be persecuted using the same methods as in the combat against child porn.Since all internet operators in Finlandare required by law to blockchild porn websites,Puumalainen’s statement that “the same methodsthat have been successful inthe combat against child porn should be implemented inweeding outracism on the internet as well”means that in Puumalainen’s opinion it ought to bepossible forthe government to establish a firewall thatblocks all websites that Puumalainen accuses of racism.In other words, Puumalainen says “racism” is a crime like child porn, and therefore “racist” websites such as blogs that mention crime statistics should be blocked by a governmental firewall.Mikko Puumalainen not only thinks that “racism” (such as data quoted from official crime statistics published by the Ministry of Justice, or by the Interpol, or by the United Nations) should be a crime, but that citizens should not even be able to access websites that Ayatollah Puumalainen has declared to beheretic.Puumalainen, at the website of the Ministry of Labour:

Nettirasismiin puututtava tehokkaammin

Internet on t

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